Linastar Integrated Services

Linastar Integrated Services , manufactures and sells high quality Homecare care and cleaning products at pocket friendly prices. In the portfolio of our products includes, Lina Car wash, Lina dish wash, Lina Toilet wash, Lina Fabric washing Liquid, Lina Air freshener which includes variants of Yellow fresh, Blue sea and Extravagance.. These are high quality products produced to offer the best benefits to customers at very pocket friendly prices. Linastar distributes products through Supermarkets, online stores, retailers and open market outlets across Nigeria. Wholesale is a key part of Linastar strategy through various Sales Outlet across Nigeria.

Our Vision is to be the top indigenous Home care and cleaning products producing Company with Varieties of brand known and used in every home, growing to become a Multinational company.

Our mission is to create Value to customers and stakeholders by providing means to deliver cleanliness and freshness to homes.

The Business is registered as an Enterprise in 2008 and started operations in 2011. The Plan is to grow the business from an enterprise to a limited liability company, therefore changing the structure of the business is in view. The promoter Njideka has since her university days have the vision of owning a brand or an invention that will add value to the society. She has always known that she will set up a company and indeed started testing the idea in her school days and was impatient to graduate in order to bring her ideas to light. Upon graduation she worked in different places but never derived satisfaction and was only saving up to set up her business. She eventually started off in 2011 and the rest the say is history. She has achieved milestones in product lines which has grown from the initial 3 to 6 and advanced in the area of marketing and sales growing distribution channels to over 50.

Njideka Nwoga is the key management personal in the business and holds a degree in Industrial Microbiology from Federal University of Technology Owerri and an MBA in Business Management in University Of Lagos, has over 10 years of experience in the Manufacturing industry and Vast experience in different aspects of a business which includes but not limited to Marketing and sales, Customer Service, and administration as she worked in Several other organization before embarking on her Business.

She has also attended many professional and business trainings and recently completed an online course on Business and Entrepreneurship from the Boconni University , Italy.

Njideka is also a member of several business groups and cooperatives, which includes Association of small Business owners of Nigeria, Association of Micro Entrepreneurs of Nigeria where is the Women Leader, Nation Association of small and medium Enterprise and One-neo Cooperative Society where she is a founding member.

Linastar Integrated Services is located at
Block A, Factory C, Industrial Development Center,
Ibeshe Road ,
Ebute Ikpakodu,
Ikorodu, Lagos State.